New opportunities through white labelling – your own app as a competitive advantage

The digital transformation is in full swing and has already fundamentally changed many things in our everyday lives. Its huge impact is not only evident in society. The business world has also been revolutionised by unprecedented technologies and business models.

For a long time now, digitalisation has not only affected traditional IT companies, but companies across all industries and sectors. This includes industry: 3D printers produce machine parts, robots assemble them, and entire factories are intelligently networked.

l from analogue to digital business is a step that will be decisive for the long-term success of many companies. There are many opportunities behind it: from the automation and simplification of business processes, to the expansion of one’s own range of products and services, to the rapid transfer of knowledge and more effective collaboration, digitalisation holds huge potential for companies.

Digitisation requires suitable software solutions

software solutions to digitise processes. Suitable software should help companies to process and view information in one place, to serve their customers faster and better, to increase their own efficiency, to minimise errors, to gain time and to save costs. In order to introduce the right app with a minimal budget and in the shortest possible time, companies are increasingly turning to a white label solution.

hat is a “white label” solution?

A white label solution is a “customised app out of the drawer”. An app, usually a cloud solution, is developed and then individually branded and configured for several companies. The business partner can then make the application personalised for him available to his own customers or employees. Due to the visual adaptation to the corporate identity of the company, it looks like an own app that is available in the app stores and can be downloaded there. It is not obvious to the target group that it is a white label product. They perceive the app as a product of the company.

How is a white label app structured?

EA white label app is based on an already existing basic app. For the realisation of a white label app, several components are adapted within this basic app:

  1. Business logic: The logic and processes within the basic app are adapted during white labelling in order to offer a customised solution.
  2. Hosting: The white label app is usually hosted on a dedicated server environment and thus physically separated from the original base app.
  3. Design: The design within the white label app is completely personalised and adapted to the desired corporate identity so that users do not perceive the white label app as such, but as a product of the company. This includes in particular the app name, the corresponding logo and the domains.

What are the advantages of a white label solution?

With white label solutions, which are created on the basis of a basic app, the main advantage for companies is the cost saving. Compared to a new individual developer solution, only a small investment is necessary for a white label solution, which makes it an efficient alternative. Since there is no need to develop a completely new app, implementation is also particularly time-saving, which is an important factor in view of the short time-to-market phase.

In addition, no IT capacities as well as developers or experience in the realisation of digital solutions are required internally. The app is provided completely “ready-to-use” and can usually be used productively after a few weeks.

Another important advantage is competitiveness. A white label app brings with it a special marketing effect, because the “own app” can be used as a figurehead for employees, partners and customers, setting companies apart from their competitors.

For whom is a white label solution suitable?

processes more effectively and efficiently and to increase the acceptance of digital solutions. In particular, companies that do not have their own resources available for the development of a new app are thus enabled to digitise efficiently.

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