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What applies to our customers also applies to us

We are committed to the success of our customers and provide an excellent service.

We digitize

the industrial service


We help machine and plant manufacturers to provide their customers with an excellent service. We achieve this by offering a comprehensive communication platform that is simple and intuitive to use, meets the requirements of our customers and, most important, is secure.


rise is the digital and fully automated expert that enables every service employee, regardless of their previous training, to successfully process the most complex orders without outside help.

What sets us apart


We know about ongoing developments and use the latest technologies to add value for our customers.

Customer Focus

rise was developed based on the requirements of our customers and continues to grow with them.


For us, design is not only optics. Good and intuitive design increases user acceptance and guarantees project success

Excellent Service

Just like our customers aim to do so, delivering excellent service is our top priority.

Our History

rise is the result of our own experience

Our founders have worked in mechanical engineering and have seen first hand that communicating with field service workers is difficult and ineffective. As a developer of decentralized wind turbines with far more than 100 individual components, it became clear that numerous technical problems could not be solved with conventional communication means. As soon as our service engineer did not get any further, he asked for help by phone or sent pictures via email. The process was time-consuming, usually did not help and led to another colleague having to help on site. The problem not only affected us, but also our suppliers, who had to travel all over Germany. We knew that this could not remain the case in today's digital world. The idea to rise was born.

Our name

rise stands for growth

Our name says it all: rise stands for growth. Our goal is to improve day by day and to grow with the challenges we face. We want to enable not only us, but also our customers to improve their service performance through rise. Excellent service is the common denominator between us and our customers , growing together is our common goal.

Excellent service with RISE Remote Support

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