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Digitization of the communication for various applications

RISE supports various service processes through simple and fast communication of all relevant information.
Used across processes

rise supports you in various service processes

rise can be used for various processes along the service value chain. Communication is essential in all processes in which rise is used, from commissioning to customer support.

Initial Operation

For complex start-ups, communication with the company headquarters, especially the development department, is extremely important in order to be able to react quickly to the requirements on site. At the same time, adherence to time and budget planning is important in order to be able to deliver the newly installed machine or system as agreed. Here rise provides an important added value.

Planned & Reactive Maintenance

For both planned and reactive maintenance, the focus is on fast and smooth execution. Particularly with complex machines and systems, consultation with the company headquarters is necessary. Effective and fast communication is possible via rise in order to successfully complete maintenance assignments.


In inspections and quality controls, the time in which important information is transmitted to the head office plays a decisive role. Communication ensures that problems can be dealt with quickly and purposefully on site without wasting valuable time.


Communication is extremely important for internal maintenance and repair in order to be able to react early on to problems or even breakdowns of production machines. The exchange and support of experts from other areas or from company headquarters is therefore an essential process to ensure high production availability.


Training and education are time-consuming and usually costly to train new employees and provide technical details. In addition, valuable working time is lost during the training period which cannot be used productively. Through remote guidance and support, the training can be carried out directly on the living object as a ``training on the job`` measure.

Customer Support

The customer or the machine operator is, so to speak, the first service employee on site who can solve numerous minor problems directly. However, targeted communication and support is important in order to impart the necessary knowledge. This increases the first-time fix rate and increases customer satisfaction. rise offers the optimal starting position for this.
Increased efficiency

Increase productivity and reduce cost

By using rise in your organisation, the efficiency and productivity of service employees, both in the field and in the headquarters, is increased. By increasing the first-time fix rate, costs, especially warranty and travel cost, can be saved.

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New service revenue

Launch new service contracts

By using rise in cooperation with your customers, a digital premium service is provided. This service, which pays off in higher machine availability and a closer customer connection, can be billed in the form of maintenance contracts or service level agreements.

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