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Desktop, mobile devices and smart glasses

Work with rise on all devices all over the world, even with free hands via Augmented Reality smart glasses.
Plug & Work

rise runs in web browsers or as an app on all devices

A login in your browser or a simple installation of the rise app is sufficient. The use of rise can start within a few minutes.

The future has begun

Smart glasses will be an integral part of everyday service operations

We are convinced that Augmented Reality smart glasses will be the digital tool in the industrial service. Smart glasses enable to view relevant information on top of the field of vision, are easy to use and allow you to work with your hands free.

rise smart glass app

The future of service begins now

rise offers a comprehensive smart glass app that allows you to work with your hands free. The glasses have been carefully selected according to their applicability in an industrial environment.

Realwear HMT-1

Voice control meets robustness

The HMT-1 from Realwear is an extremely robust smart glass, that is completely controlled via voice control. This allows you to work even in very noisy environments (up to 95dB) with your hands free. The HMT-1 has a monocular display, is shockproof up to a drop height of two meters, water-proof and dust-proof. As it can be easily combined with safety equipment such as helmets and safety goggles, the HMT-1 is ideal for industrial use.

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Realwear HMT-1Z1

The first smart glass for ex zone 1

The HMT-1 with explosion protection for industries such as oil&gas or the chemical industry. The HMT-1Z1 differs from the HMT-1 only in its color and with a non-replaceable but more powerful battery. Just like the HMT-1, it is an extremely robust smart glass that is completely operated by voice control.

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Toshiba dynaEdge

Smart glasses with a connected mini-computer

Toshiba takes a new path with its dynaEdge. Unlike previous smart glasses, the computing unit is not built into the glasses but is supplied as an external Mini-PC. The Mini-PC runs a full Windows operating system, which provides a very good basis for the rise app. The glasses are monocular and are controlled via buttons.

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Epson Moverio BT-300

One large transparent display

The Epson Moverio BT-300 is a binocular smart glass that has two transparent displays built into the lenses. With a connected touchpad, it is easy to use, comparable to a smartphone. Due to the transparent field of view, the superimposed augmented reality effect is very exciting.

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