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Excellent service through strong partners

We believe in the power of strong partnerships. Digitize the industrial service with us.
Delivering Excellent Service. Together.

Support your customers with their  digitization

You consult customers in our market environment, supply complementary software solutions or manage the IT landscape and want to make additional products available to your customers. You have the ambition to provide your existing customers with new digital solutions and to support them with the challenge of digitization.

These are ideal conditions for working together in a partnership, whether nationally or internationally. Talk to us and let us work together to drive digitization in the industrial service.

Delivering Excellent Service. Together.

Develop the solutions of the future together with us

You develop the technologies of tomorrow, whether Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things or Image Recognition. We offer a software platform that provides the entire communication in a service department in a digital way. We have also the necessary customer base to roll out technologies quickly.

More and more processes can be automated and made more efficient with additional technologies. Talk to us and let us use the latest technologies together for the benefit of our customers.

Delivering Excellent Service. Together.

Let’s make the vision of the Digital Expert a reality

You are familiar with the requirements of the mechanical and plant engineering sector and you also have a clear technological vision of what will be possible in the future. Both are ideal prerequisites for working together with us on something big.

Talk to us and let us digitize the industrial service together, exploit customer potential and successively turn our vision into reality.

Become a partner

Contact us to discuss the possibilities of a partnership. We offer standardised partnership models that make the cooperation simple and effective.

Additional revenues

Expand your existing business

Additional services

Offer your customers additional value-add

Provide innovation

Show your customers that you are a pioneer in digitization