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Easy to use, effective and above all – secure

RISE Remote Support bundles the complete service communication on one platform, makes it transparent and enables the documentation of the exchanged knowledge.
Digital communication

rise is a comprehensive communication platform

rise enables the structured work in cases, the exchange of messages and documents, interactive video conferences and the documentation of your expert knowledge in order to be able to use it again for similar cases in the future.

Service cases

Work with all participants in a structured manner in service cases.


Share messages, images, videos and files (e.g. PDF documents, 3D models).

Video conferencing

Support your customers and field service via interactive video conferencing.


Document the your work in cases and save your expert knowledge.

Knowledge base

Use the knowledge base to solve similar cases.
Work in cases

Your communication clearly structured

Create cases for your technical problems in order to work in a structured manner. Invite your team members to a case or share your service case with guests and allow them full access to the previous communication. This ensures that all relevant information is stored in one place without missing bits.

Exchange messages

All messages in chronological order

Share all relevant information, whether text messages, pictures, videos or files. The messages are arranged chronologically so that the involved team members can review the service case at any time. Edit images directly in rise and save them as edited file versions.

Video conferencing

Live support with special tools

Start interactive video conferences with any number of participants. Use various tools to point precisely to relevant areas in the video image. In addition, you can create snapshots of the video conference and edit them live with all participants. By sharing your screen, you can submit external content, such as plans or design drawings.


Summarize what is important

Create a final documentation from the collaboration by selecting relevant texts, images and video clips and adding precise instructions. Using filter criteria, your case and the attached documentation are indexed and saved for retrieval.

Knowledge base

Using solved cases to your benefit

The stored filter criteria and keywords enable you to retrieve your cases and thus your expert knowledge. The archived case provides you with all relevant information in the stored documentation and can be used to solve a comparable case.

Additional features

rise has been developed to meet the requirements of a modern service department.

Rights Management

Assign various roles to your employees to control access rights.

Guest Function

Invite external guests, e.g. your customers temporarily, to collaborate on a case with them.

PDF Export

Export documents and complete documentations for storage in third-party systems.

Multiple Devices

Work on several devices simultaneously with synchronous data, e.g. via tablet and smartglass at the same time.


rise offers the possibility to integrate third-party systems via a standardized interface.

Realtime Translations

rise offers a powerful translation function for the communication in international service organizations.

essential characteristics

Enterprise Software innovatively implemented

Ultimate Safety

rise is a software platform with encrypted data transmission, secure hosting and the highest data protection standards conforming to GDPR.

Intuitive Usability

rise is simple and intuitive to use and thus enables a fast adaptation in your company.

High Stability

rise is designed to the highest quality standards to ensure stability and performance.

rise runs on all devices

Browser, PC, tablet, smartphones and augmented reality Smart Glasses.

Excellent service with RISE Remote Support

Innovative, effective and secure. Digitize your service communication today.
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