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The situation on site could often not be assessed sufficiently over the telephone. rise provides a remedy.

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Zeppelin is the exclusive dealer and service provider for Caterpillar construction machinery in German-speaking countries. With approximately 20 service instructors and 700 service technicians in the field, Zeppelin is one of the largest players in the German-speaking construction machinery market. The service technicians are supported through the local service bases, which are distributed throughout Germany. The support takes place via the local service base and for more complex by the instructors out of Munich.

Until now, technical problems have been communicated by telephone. However, the communication was problematic since there was no on-site view of the problem. It was difficult for the service technician to find a solution to the problem. As a result, the communication process involving several telephone calls has become time-consuming and ineffective.

With rise, Zeppelin is now able to exchange all necessary information such as messages, images, videos and files. At the same time, video communication provides a direct view of the technical problem on site. The pointer tools – as a virtual hand – help to point to the problematic areas that need to be examined. This reduces repair time and travel costs for additional personnel.

In the medium term, rise is also planned to be used as a knowledge database. Based on the stored documentation, the technician should first be able to research similar problems from the past. The advantage of rise is that all documentation can also be accessed from the mobile device without having to open a laptop on site. If the solution cannot be found in the knowledge base, a new case is immediately created and solved through collaboration with a specialist. The case that was solved through collaboration will be available in the knowledge database afterwards for similar problems in the future.

“This brings us many advantages. Firstly, for the customer that the machines are repaired as quickly and professionally as possible, and also for us: the better the service works, the more costs we save internally. Werner Luidl, Head of Service Technology


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