Field Service Management on one platform – documentation with RISE

From order scheduling, to the processing of an order, to the documentation of activities, digital platforms such as RISE offer the technical field service exactly the right tool for their field service management and efficient completion of daily work.

In the digital age, mobile working in the field should be standard. However, the classic carbonless paper is still often used in the technical field service, which means that service reports are sometimes sent incorrectly, with long delays or not at all to the office. And this, when the field service employee represents one of the most important touchpoints to the customer. Therefore, smartphones and tablets equipped with service apps for all service employees should no longer be missing in any modern field service.

Application example in building services

The advantages of Assisted Reality were also quickly recognised by one of our customers, a full-service provider for heating, air conditioning and ventilation technology, who implemented RISE as a communication tool in their everyday work. They benefit from the possibilities of documenting their knowledge on a platform and thus making it accessible to all employees. So when a technician looks at the condition of a system on site, he records all the work steps digitally. Other service staff and also the office staff have direct access to all information on the cause of the problem and how to solve it. 

New possibilities for field service management 

For our customer in Austria, the documentation function of RISE serves as evidence, so that visual and verbal documentation as well as proof can be provided when an operator has not maintained or used the facility correctly. However, a documentation tool can also be very helpful for daily maintenance work when the expert is physically not available because the technician has to repair a plant somewhere else in the world that he has never seen before. So with documentation, a technician can tap into the knowledge of the entire installation and maintenance team and has a whole new set of options. Simple devices such as tablets and smartphones thus become digital assistants. People are not replaced, but enabled by the system to solve problems for which they would previously have needed either help or a lot of time.

All data on a single platform

RISE bundles the entire service communication on one platform, makes it transparent, documentable and stores the exchanged knowledge. RISE has the potential to collect all your data on one platform.